There's nothing wrong with a little fun every now and then, This page is dedicated to the funny site that was posted long ago.


The Fish Dance

Kiss meLuv YouWhere is that music coming from???

SHARK!Bite Me!I'm hungryFeed Me

Let's DanceTurn LeftTurn RightI'm DizzySmooch!Let's PolkaTap DanceAll Together NowBoogie Down


Breakfast Time!Lunch Time!Supper Time!Gimme Desert!

UpDownAll AroundI Want TacosI Want Pizza

Ooooh Baby!My lips are tiredMeet me at 8Don't be late

Phone HomeTake me homeI have a headacheLet's go danceDo fish have lips?I have lipsI'm lostI need glassesYo MommaI lost my feetI'm tired