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Pets ramsack house while owners are away

PB News DAYTON, OH (PBN) — A cat and 2 dogs ramsacked a house Thursday while owners were out. After being locked in a spare room the pets escaped and tore the place into a mess within hours. They apparently had hard feelings for not getting fed regularily and not left out enough to play. Pet owners came home to find the guilty parties in the act.

Recent inspections found the family has made the necessary changes to keep their pets happy.

The owners will never forget to give their pet the proper attention they deserve now...
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Dog rescues child from a burning Fire

PB News CLEVELAND, OH(PBN) — The family dog "Thumper" saves an infants life. Firefighters arrived at a burning house only to find everyone was safe and sound including the 3 year old who was in the house at the time the blaze started. Causes for the fire were unknown. Neighbors reported seeing smoke and alerted authorities. This is not the first time Thumper had saved a life. The mother was astonished how well the pet reacted in an emergency.

Tonight Thumper will be enjoying a big juicy steak...
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Dalmation pushes owners to the Limit

PB News DENVER, Colo. (PBN) — A family is looking for someone to take thier 4 year old Dalmation. Currently they are at ends to how to get the animal to behave while left alone..

When they first got Spot they had no problems at all. As time went on, Spot kept finding new ways of getting into trouble. Trainers are baffled because they know the owners are doing everything possible to keep thier animal responding. But as soon as they turn thier back, Spot finds new ways of getting into trouble.

Last year they lost thier family car when they went into a convenient store for just a few minutes. Its hard to determine the nature of the dog's conduct. Spot faces being sent to the dog shelter if no one will claim him.

Pet advocates are trying to decide whether the owners have the right...
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Pet upset about owners new girlfriend

PB News PHOENIX (PBN) — Apparently this little pouch is upset about his owners new girlfiend. At first he tried humping her leg to get her to leave, but came to the conclusion something more serious has to be done.

Figuring if the couple has nowhere to sleep, no longer can they do the unthinkable and lock him in a room by himself. The owner Mike Bradley is seeking help from an area trainer to see what can be done about his situation that he hasn't thought of already.

Bradley has scheduled a meeting with his new girlfriend and a trainer...
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Dog tears apart trash looking for missing bone

PB News TAMPA, Fla. (PBN) — After losing a bone a Tampa Florida pet tore apart the garbage in search for the missing item. Looking everywhere came up empty handed when owner arrived back home.

Unfortunately the owner did not see it this way and was reluctant to put the pet in the dog house literaly. The whole situation is under investigation why a dog could make such a mess. "He's never done this before" claimed the owner when asked what seemed to be the problem. The garbage has since been locked down pending the results of the investigation. No other complaints about the pet have been filed but the dog still is at unrest until the whole incident of the missing bone unveals itself.

The neighborhood has had recent cases of someone playing pranks on pets by taking items other neighborhood pet deem to be of importance...
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