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This site was made with you in mind. Whether you're looking to sell your pet or looking for a life-long companion, you came to the right place. Here you can find some of the best pets that you can love to cherish near and far all over the world. So we hope you enjoy yourselves, please feel free to tell others you found them on

" The Pet Bay".

About Us

Since April of 2009, "The Pet Bay" have been dedicated to providing service for people looking for a great companion or looking to find great homes for their pets. It has been discovered there are many people out there looking to find a home for their pets but cannot afford the charges that other sites require.

Originally, my mother asked if I would put her puppies online for her because she was not sure how to go about it. I searched around and found that either a site was not as good as it could be or they charged a fee for thier service. So that's when I decided to start "The Pet Bay", for everybody's benefit!

At "The Pet Bay" we like to try to keep everything as simple as possible. Once your pet is sold you can contact us to let us know your pet is no longer available. If your pet has been listed for quite a while, you might hear from us to find out if your pet is still available so we can update our site.

Together we can find hope in knowing there is a chance for those who would like to join in the effort to bring pets, our best friends, closer to our hearts. Enjoy yourselves!

The Pet Bay founder and president

Matt Corkins